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What is Social Aware

Transactions with aGreater Purpose

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At Aeris House Properties, we have a passion for helping others. Our hope is together, we can transform the real estate process to support our community in a new way. We’re giving you Social Aware For Change® to support a cause you believe in!

Aeris House Properties is built upon the commitment of empowering individuals to discover and live their current idea of Lifestyle – all while giving back to the community. Every quarter, we contribute a portion of our Agency’s fees to the most popular Cause chosen by the community. Simply vote! Remember to get your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, really anyone you know to vote for it too! At the end of the quarter, the Cause with the most votes benefits.

Compare that to other agencies that select the charity. We’re giving you the power of choice to support a need in our community. We believe that we all win when we give. Social Aware is a great way to transform an everyday transaction into renewed lives and communities.

Simply working with Aeris House helps bring about change. Our work together will continue to disrupt real estate transactions – focusing on greater transparency and community purpose.

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