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Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms
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Focused on the purpose of getting their brothers back on their feet and reducing the homeless veteran population.

Their mission is, “To Share Their Story and Walk Alongside Their Path of Redemption”. They understand that we all make mistakes, some bigger than others. Sometimes those mistakes may lead to life lessons, some lost cash, maybe lost friendships – or maybe homelessness. Other times our circumstances lead us to different paths in life.

Aways, though, it is a combination of both.

Our veterans go through a massive culture shock when they decide to leave the military. It gives all veterans an invaluable experience they will never forget…but it rarely prepares them for life after the military. A veteran is twice as likely to be homeless than a non-veteran.

While it is important to figure out the why, Brothers in Arms is focused on getting the ones that are already homeless back on their feet. Arm-in-arm, step by step, they will be there as Brothers in Arms.


The Three-Step Program

Step 1: Careful Planning
We carefully vet and select clients that truly desire to become a productive member of society again. We sit with them and go through all the steps needed to get there…from getting ID to getting a job to getting their own house again.

Step 2: Planning and Execution
Once the step-by-step plan is developed, we walk with our client to work one step at at time, using our extensive network with various organizations and experts for sound advice each step of the way.

Step 3: Follow Through
We hope to have many success stories, stories that humanize the homeless population, changing the perception that they don’t want to get better. We encourage our clients to become mentors to our new clients!

We encourage you to find out more information regarding this cause by going to Brothers In Arms