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“How did man’s best friend become his worst enemy?” A unique relationship between man and wolves.

It is well-documented that many scientists believe that wolves initiated the relationship, even teaching man how to hunt ensuring their survival. So – “How did man’s best friend become his worst enemy?”

Plan B empowers multiple organizations – organizations that rescue wolf dogs and advocate and educate people about the wild wolf. They work tirelessly to advocate on issues related to wolves and all things wild. Funding and fundraising are often done to enable rescues and to help with transport, medical care, new enclosures, and more to ensure the rescue is a success. The survival of the wild wolf is dependent upon the education of the public. Plan B to Save Wolves uses several mediums to generate awareness of the plight of the wild wolf – such as their annual event, Sedona Wolf Week. Lastly, they have adopted Eagle Tail Wolf Sanctuary to ensure high-quality care for High Desert Wolves.

For more information regarding this cause go to PlanB.foundation


Plan B To Save The Wolves
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