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Campaign Rules

How We Campaign

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The Rules for Each Voting Campaign

Referring a Cause and Voting rules are simple. You can vote for a charity or Cause of your choice or one that other members of the Community have selected.

  • Step 1 – VOTE (One Vote per Person, per Cause, per Campaign. Check below for vote time and eligibility)
  • Step 2 – SHARE with your Community through social media, email, or even word of mouth. It’s an easy way to boost the ranking

You are not required to be a client of Aeris House Properties to vote for a cause during the campaign. If you are in the market to purchase or sell a home, we will count it a privilege to help you. Your home can become an Edifice of Hope, supporting further Causes in the Community!

There are a few exclusions to organizations* or groups that can receive our campaign dollars. The list below contains noble and personal causes we encourage everyone to support individually. We will not accept or apply votes to Causes associated with the following:

  • GoFundMe™
  • Religious Organizations and/or Affiliates
  • Political Organizations, Campaigns and/or Affiliates

Please email SocialAwareForChange@AerisHouse.com with questions on Cause Exclusions.

Counting & Displaying Your Vote

If the submitted vote meets the requirements stated in the Voting Rules, we’ll post the name of the Cause on our “Your Choice Your Voice” page. To complete the voting process, each voter will receive a confirmation email. Be sure to check your junk mail! Votes will not count towards a cause if the vote has not been confirmed. So, be sure to complete your vote by checking your email and confirming your vote!

The Cause with the most votes at the end of the quarter (the end of the specified period) will be the recipient of our agency’s campaign dollars. All eligible votes must be submitted by 7:55 pm (Arizona MST) to be counted during the Campaign period. All votes submitted after this time will not be considered an eligible vote.

An aggregated vote total is presented for each eligible Cause and displayed on the website – so you can monitor your Cause’s position. As you follow your Cause throughout the quarter, you can continue to rally more votes to change its position. If your Cause is not chosen, come back in the next quarter and rally your Community to vote again for your choice!

In the case of a tie, campaign dollars will be evenly distributed among the top causes.

Your Privacy
Your privacy is very important to us.  Please click here for our full Privacy Policy and for information on how your data is used and protected on our site.

*Qualified Causes are solely the discretion of Aeris House Properties