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We were able to make a difference in our community without a lot of effort on our part. That’s what we found when we engaged Aeris House Properties to help us purchase our home in Arizona.

As we prepared for retirement and decided upon Arizona for our retirement years, we contacted several brokerages in our area of interest. Having purchased several homes during our lifetime, we found that most brokerages offered the same services and similar pricing and didn’t find that to be an exception in our realtor search in Arizona. Real estate paperwork is pretty much the same – regardless of the brokerage or realtor used.

Then we found Aeris House…… and their Social Aware initiative.

We began to look for that something “special” or “different” that would help us make up our minds on who to choose. Aeris House’s Social Aware initiative was the catalyst to deciding on who represent us for our home purchase.

We found out that part of the proceeds of the purchase of our home could be used to help someone else in need – and we didn’t have to physically contribute a penny. Our contribution was solely our vote for a charity close to our hearts. Because this charity is important to us, we told our friends, family, and even other people we interacted with during the day about our experience with Aeris House and their Social Aware initiative – and encouraged them to go to the Aeris House website and vote for our charity.

Aeris House provided us with a simplified home-buying process as well as providing a channel for us to give back. If you’re going to buy or sell a house, why not choose a realtor that allows you to have a say in what happens in your world, right? We are proud that something as simple as buying a home allowed to us make that difference!